Inspirational Quote Wars

If I get bummed, or stuck in rut of  thinking about the fact that I think too much, I often turn to inspirational quotes to help inspire me out of it.  On a good day, I will absorb the inspiration bestowed upon me by enlightened and successful individuals, and go about my day feeling happy and inspired. Other days, I think too much….

  • How do I know who’s right? Because, some of these tidbits of inspiration seem contradictory…
  • And, why do I keep coming across so may quotes from Albert Einstein and Mark Twain? Two guys who just so happen to have equal amounts of fuzzy white hair and bushy mustache? What’s up with that? Does fuzzy white hair have inspirational quote generating powers that can only be presented through a bushy mustache? 

I’ve concocted a scenario of what it might be like if these two fluffy-stached guys got into it and had a “quote war”.  Please enjoy this infographical battle of fuzzy white-haired wisdom!


Who won?

23 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote Wars

  1. If I ever get too close to being a good mood, I check out some inspirational quotes, and that gets me right back in my bitter mood. I love to change them around just a little and make them bitter quotes.


  2. Insightful. You are right. We tend to take quotes at face-value. One quality of a good quote, in my view, which makes it quote-worthy, is that it is reasonably vaguely stated to be open to many interpretations. In that sense, it can never be wrong 🙂


  3. Very cute. :0) And very interesting! It’s neat to see the different ideologies of these two heavily-stached men. And now for an interesting factoid about Einstein: Did you know he was a serial womanizer, even shacking up with his own cousin? He was apparently a bit of a perv. (I know!)


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