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If you have read any of my posts before, you may know that I am somewhat of a procrastinator when it comes to things like publishing posts on my own blog, or sending out holiday cards in a timely manner. In fact, it’s down right pathological!

Two months ago (actually, its more like 3), one of my favorite bloggers called “Monochrome Junkie” wrote a post on her blog that ignited a fury of thoughts and feelings I had no idea existed within me. She is a totally bad ass photographer who takes amazingly insightful, and thought provoking photos.  In November, she wrote a post called “This one’s for you, kid”.

PEEP IT HERE. Seriously.

My reaction was something like this:

Sob blobber blubber sob ….  All I’ve ever wanted …  Sob blobber blubber sob … was to inspire someone …  Sob blobber blubber sob … and make someone laugh …  Sob blobber blubber sob … so that all my mentally clumsy mishaps and  uncalled for neuroses … Sob blobber blubber sob … weren’t for nothing … Sob blobber blubber sob.  

I had no idea that the afore mentioned ability to inspire or make people laugh was all I’d ever wanted, until I read her post and it all came gushing out of me! There may have been a little extra estrogen infused in there, too, but more on that later…


Thank you, Monochrome! Not only do I now have this beautiful photo to hang in my house, but I also have something that reminds me of you and your encouragement.  You constantly inspire me to keep going, even if it is late! Click here to see the photo!

24 thoughts on “Monochrome Junkie

    • You must live on the East Coast Jonathan! I can see why snow WOULD be a little daunting right now. HA! Thank you so much for what you said, Jonathan! That means a lot. And, thank you for reading my blog and always taking the time to leave such kind and encouraging words! 🙂


    • Thank you, Ben! I was just thinking…Yay! I have a friend, too! 😀 It was so cool to see that post Monochrome wrote. I think you should get used to the idea of someone writing a post for you, too! 😀


      • There was one written about me a little while ago by a student doing his blog and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. I made sure to reblog it and they got all sorts of likes and follows. It was pretty cool. I’m just glad you are my Facebook friend so you will see all my posts go up. By the way, congrats on getting married recently!

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        • Oh! I missed that one! I will have to sift through your archives to find it!

          Thank you for the wedding wishes! I have been planning to write a post about that, too, but I really wanted to write something to thank Monochrome, first. Next, I will write one about getting married, hopefully sometime in this lifetime! HA!


          • No need to go back to that one. It was a long time ago and it would be a total waste of your time. Can’t wait to hear about your wedding! Hopefully it was Lucky and not such a Wreck!


  1. Oh my goodness- I’m seriously blushing. And sniveling and all teary-eyed! (I promise it has nothing to do with a.) PMS and b) my typical Sunday night 70-page cram- I’m currently 40 pages in- 30 to go by midnight! + 2 exams- God help me.) Amy, YOU are a badass because you manage to always pull off a total graceful disposition. I’m still working on that one. (I’m somewhere at 25% grace- 75% mega-bitch.) But it’s good to have goals, eh? Heheh…

    Unfortunately, I’m reduced to a mere drive-by comment here as I’m racing against the clock tonight! Just know that I love you and am totally- as always- inspired by you.

    And for what it’s worth, you DO need to hit up the staff/directors of SNL because yes- you’re damn funny. 🙂 Thanks so much for this. XOXO

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