Flying is magical. Every now and then, I find myself transfixed and held spellbound by the power of flight.  The fact that anything can soar through the air with wings is pretty astonishing if you think about it; birds, planes, spaceships, and paper (if you fold some wings on it).

My nephew is fascinated by the power of flight, too. Especially the flight of airplanes. He talks about them constantly.  He refers to them as “hairplanes”…”hairplanes” that land at the “whore-port”. Being the person of intellectual ability that I am, I have deduced that he does not refer to them as “hairplanes” and “whore-ports” because he believes big chunks of hair travel through the air and land in stations that may, or may not, provide adult services. Rather, he is somewhat hindered – linguistically – by the fact that he is 3.

Once I got that all figured out,  I thought he might enjoy some paper airplanes. He did!  My niece and nephew and I had a great time having paper airplane races while I watched them for a bit this summer.


We made paper airplanes together again when I saw them a few weeks ago for Halloween. We decorated them and raced them just like we had a few months earlier. All was well and good until my nephew handed me a piece of paper and said,  “I want a train…please”. Embarrassed to tell him that my origami skills were limited, I folded a rudimentary paper airplane and told him it was  a train dressed as a hairplane for Halloween.  This did not satisfy him.  He walked away and came back with another piece of paper and said “I want a car…please”.  I was at a loss. He was obviously in a hurry to have that piece of paper morphed  into some sort of fast moving transportive vessel, so  I folded yet another paper airplane and told him it was a car dressed as a hairplane…for Halloween…everybody wants to be a hairplane for Halloween this year…  He did not buy that, either.  He left and went to play in the sandbox.

Next week  my nephew will officially turn 3.  After giving the hairplane experience some more thought, I have decided that for his 3rd birthday, I will make him that paper car and paper train. I found some origami instructions on-line and I’m ready to fold away! I just hope he doesn’t ask for a hairplane instead.

36 thoughts on “Hairplanes

  1. awww I love this post and the memory of making paper airplanes. The simplest things we used to do as kids have not been long forgotten haven’t they. Everything has been traded in for technology. Thanks for bringing back a moment in time that was memorable for so many kids. Also, appreciated the adult humor in the beginning. That was hilarious. Kids can really make u laugh with what they have to say 🙂


    • Yay! So happy to see you M&M! I’m glad you have fond memories of making paper airplanes, too. I wanted to record the paper airplane experience I had with my nephew before he grows out of it, or I forget how funny and cute he was. You are so right. Kids can really make you laugh with the things they say!


  2. Hi Lucy, we found your blog by way of mutual blogging friend Carrie Rubin. Loved your post!! Had us laughing right away! He sounds absolutely adorable!! & Anonymous was right. Your a good Aunt. I love those memories we get from our children. I used to tell my mother that I would like to create a dictionary from the words my son made up. Inion & I we’re thinking, you should do another post, & show your Origami hairplanes, trains & cars skills. I think you’d be surprised how many would luv to see the final product. We luv stories like this, too cute!


    • Oh! I love Carrie Rubin! Glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. Thank you!

      Great idea about the post with pictures of my origami attempts. I also love your idea of creating a dictionary from the words your son made up! I would love to read that!

      So happy to meet you 🙂


  3. I bought him a plastic plane for his birthday, so I think he will really be ready for a paper train, especially if he rides the REAL train to Grandma’s house! Hmmm. Let’s see. What name do you suppose he will give to the train station??? 🙂


  4. I wouldn’t mind a hairplane landing at the ole whore port. :0)

    Maybe you should make some paper balloons with your nephew. Have you ever made them? (Remember that show Zoom from a gazillion years ago?) I learned how to make them from watching that. You can draw goofy things in the center before constructing them and see it after you blow it up too. Paper balloons are the bomb! You should definitely give it a try. Glad you’re posting again- it’s not the same without you around. So, stay around. 😉 xo


  5. I remember my favorite aunt from when I was a lad. She’s still my favorite. She used to give me Boone’s wine when I was a 10 year old. True story. It’s not as bad as it sounds, it was strawberry hill.


    • Heheee! Oh my gosh. I can see why she would be your favorite aunt! 😀

      I think my brother and sister-in-law might kill me if I did that! But, then again, I have a picture of my grandpa giving me a drink of his beer when I was in a baby walker thing. I couldn’t even walk on my own yet…hmmm…no wonder I like beer so much….

      It’s good to know she is still your favorite aunt 🙂 I am hoping my niece and nephew will play pinnacle or some such game with me when I’m 80…


  6. Aw! That’s an amazing idea! And I love the “whore port” haha. I once folded one of those origami swans because my boss at AT&T told him it couldn’t be done. I’d never been so motivated in my life 😉 Be sure to post pictures of your creations for us too ooooo and aaaaaah over!


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