Rivers I’ve Crossed

Pen College Biology cropped

My mom reads and comments on every single one of my goofy blog posts Now, she has her own blog, and she is such a beautiful and eloquent writer. I’m so very proud she is my mom!

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For Lent our pastor suggested we either opt to give up something or begin an activity that we had not faithfully done before. Since I am not one who easily disposes of things (ask my children), I decided on the second option. My Lent resolution was to write something every day. This would not be difficult for me; I had a myriad of ideas floating around in my head just waiting to be organized. Finding the discipline to resist spending time on Facebook or shopping on Amazon.com would be harder, but I convinced myself I could do it. Determining which ideas to mold into a readable piece of interest was made easier after reading a letter to the editor in our newspaper. The author expressed how the conflict, dissension and fear America experienced in the decade of the sixties, was very similar to the separation and anxiety felt within our…

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