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I wrote a post about some craft beer in TN for the Hoppy Craftsmen Podcast Blog. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to read something a 5th grader wrote about beer, you can read my post here.  If not, that is probably good, because it is illegal for 5th graders to drink beer.


5 thoughts on “Hoppy Craftsmen Podcast

  1. I went to go read your beer post but got a 404 error. Hmmm…. anywho, just stopping in to say, “hi!” and I hope you and the hubster and the tot are doing well! If you’re feeling tired from Jr. these days, just remember- you only have 17 more years to go and you’re home free. 😉 hehe… (but on a serious note, enjoy them! They DO fly by…) x

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  2. Lol, I see you’re not blogging much these days, but I’ve thought of you since I’ve picked mine back up! How’s mommyhood treating you? And do you live in Tennessee? I’m in Knoxville now. Hope you’re well! ❤️


    • Hi Jessica! I’m so happy to see you! Thank you for thinking of me! I keep meaning to pick up the pace with blogging, but the combination of having a toddler and over-thinking everything gets in the way! 😀

      I am in TN, now! We are in Cookeville. I haven’t been to Knoxville yet, but I think it’s only an hours drive from Cookeville! How do you like it there?

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      • Yeah, Cookeville isn’t far at all! I think I drive through there when I go to the Nashville airport. I like Knoxville okay, but it’s been hard to start over AGAIN. I’m planning to write a post about it soon.

        And I totally understand being busy with a toddler and overthinking things! When the time is right you’ll be able to write again, if you want to. 🙂


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