Over the past several years I have experienced a  few (okay, a lot of) setbacks.  I walked around telling myself (and everyone else) “Oh, I didn’t really want that career” and “It wasn’t the right relationship for me, anyway”.  There is probably some truth to those statements; still,  I felt completely rejected…like a total loser at life; a complete wreck. I suppose I had what could be called a major little bit of an existential crisis. All this work I had put into something I thought I wanted, and SHABAM! Nothin’.  Or, at least that was my state of mind at the time.

I needed to do something; anything, on my own, to help me feel less loser-y.  I have a slight perfectionism problem when it comes to anything I do.  That, and my award winning fears and insecurities catapult me into full on freak out mode if I make any kind of mistake, and I almost always feel like I’ve made some sort of mistake. I worry and criticize myself until I end up in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, not having accomplished anything.

This blog is to help me conquer my fears and learn how to mess up freely, and learn how to handle messing up….freely (and hopefully develop some semi-decent writing skills, too).  So, bring on the mistakes!

What I look like in the winter-time with a hat

What I look like in the winter-time with a hat

Me and this young Jamaican hunk I have hired to act like my boyfriend, so it looks like I got my groove back.

This is a picture of me and the young Jamaican hunk I have hired to act like my husband, so it looks like I got my groove back.

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  1. There definitely is an upside to falling down! Happy I stumbled across your blog; I’m looking forward to getting to know you (and your mom 😉) and to following your blog.

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  2. Hi Amy,

    Congrats for the blog.

    I found myself in yours words. So many set backs and a lot of desires for to do something new and good. But, The Damn loser thoughts are around my mind all the time. Despite this I do believe an upside of falling down.

    Keep posting!!



    • Thank you very much, Romeica! That means a lot to me. 🙂 Sometimes, I have to really fight to find the upside of falling down, but I know, eventually there is one. I hope you are well and that Benjamin and Henry get a chance to meet each other some day! ❤


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