Name This Blog, Part 2: The Unexpected Sequel

Okay, so I thought I would have firmly settled on a new blog name by now, but, no, it would  not be like me to commit to something so readily (and, I got some new suggestions that I liked). This is precisely why I do not have a tattoo.


  • Lucky Wreck <—This one came from the blog name generator- (insert shame  here —->  FOR SHAME!! that this came from a blog name thingy, and not from the genius creativity I would like to pretend is housed in my head). With the namethingy, you can select any two types of words, and it randomly chucks out potential names. “Lucky Wreck” stood out to me because it describes how I feel about myself fairly accurately; I’m kind of a wreck, but for being such a wreck, I’m pretty lucky.
  • Technical (life) Difficulties: Please Stand By  –  This not only describes the technical difficulties I’m having learning  a bunch of  new (to me) computer programs, but it kind of describes  my life. Unfortunately, I think WAY too much, and I watched “The Secret” and I’m scared  of what might happen if I ask the universe  to “Please Stand By” because I have “difficulties”…you know…just in case.
  • One, Two or Something New –  I loved this suggestion. It rhymes, and nothing is cooler than something that rhymes.
  • Power in Bloom –  My friend suggested “Flower in Bloom”, which I liked because I have been trying to bloom for quite some time. So, I thought I’d take it a step further. If I’m going to bloom, I’d like to go ahead and bloom some power, too. Since this blog is turning out to be my therapy a way to learn to accept myself and embrace my inner strength (and power), I might as well bloom some of that biznass up in this joint, too.
  • Operation Bad A*s –   Operation Bad Ass had been on the docket for a while, only THIS time, instead of using the “A-double -S” word,(because it is not family friendly) I substituted one of the s’s with an asterisk, thus only alluuuuding to profanity; not actually using it!  Wink wink, mom 😉
  • AMYgdala-la-la-land: notes from the heart of my brain  – The Amygdala is the part of the brain shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing of memory and emotional reactions. My name is Amy, and I have emotional reactions, so there must be some way to capitalize on this…

After thinking about blog names SOOOOooooOOoo much,  EVERYthing is starting to sound like a potential blog name, or band name (not that I have a band, but, you know, if I did) …Alluding to profanity…Oh!  There’s a name!  Kerfuffle…HEY it rhymes with ruffle and duffle…unruffle my kerfuffle..what self-respecting 3 year old wouldn’t want to read that!  What about: “ME: the unexpected sequel”…

Okay, enough of this tomfoolery.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hmmm….”tomfoolery”…. (chin scratch)

10 thoughts on “Name This Blog, Part 2: The Unexpected Sequel

    • Yay! Thank you so much for the vote and the compliment, Erin! I think the same is true of you! I’m glad you like “Lucky Wreck”, too. All the activity in my AMYgdala-la-land is kind of telling me to go with that one 😀


  1. I agree with erinprof. Of course, I voted for Amy’s amygdala before. I still can’t believe how impressive your writing is. I’m sure some comedian will pick up on it, and you will be a writer for a famous show soon! 🙂


    • Wow. That is very nice of you to say, Pen 🙂 I’m discovering that there are some really super awesome and talented bloggers out there! I have a lot yet to learn!


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  3. I like the name you went with, and I sympathise about the difficulty of making that commitment to a name to “sum up” yourself and/or your blog! I agonised about the name of mine for ages, and of course changed it about 20 times after first setting it up, which is why the url doesn’t match the blog name (still annoyed about that). Like you, I loved the idea of a Dr Suess related name – it would be “Oh The Thinks You Can Think” but that name was already taken. Finally came up with a phrase that seemed open-ended enough to encompass anything I might want to blog about – suited to someone so reluctant to make any commitment! 😉


    • Thank you, so much Blathering! This means a lot to me, considering how amazingly awesome and hilarious I think your blog is! I didn’t realize others agonized over the same types of things! 🙂


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