Humidity vs. Dry Heat

This month, I got  to travel from one deathly hot city to another. My current place of residence is Houston, TX which is known for it’s insanely uncomfortable humidity in the summer. My former place of residence, Phoenix, AZ is also known for insanely uncomfortable heat in the summer.  In my excitement to see family and friends in Phoenix, I booked the flight forgetting about the insanely uncomfortable heat in the summer, part.  Fortunately, a few of my Houston friends comforted me by suggesting that it probably wouldn’t be much worse than Houston since it’s “dry heat”.  I figured that was probably true, and it wouldn’t be so bad…until I stepped outside into the “dry heat”.


My a*s was anything BUT dry after standing outside for more than 2 minutes.  It was like  stepping into a great big giant easy-bake oven. I don’t know how anyone’s ass could stay dry when placed in environmental conditions that are also conducive to baking cupcakes.

I had also forgotten that it is pointless put on make-up in the dry heat because it doesn’t stay where you put it.


Make up and disposition prior to leaving an air conditioned environment

It doesn’t stay where you put it in a humid environment, either.

What was originally supposed  to highlight your best features, ends up making you look like a morbidly deranged demon zombie.


Make up and disposition 2 minutes after leaving an air conditioned environment.

It kinda makes you feel like a deranged demon zombie, too.

I think the misery between humid heat and dry easy-bake oven heat is pretty much tied.

22 thoughts on “Humidity vs. Dry Heat

  1. I will take the heat any day as opposed to the snow! I like the shin bone reference. And thanks for the help. I was trying to install a new printer and my computer would not accept my password. Until I started typing here, I did not realize my caps lock button was on! By the way, you may need a short grammar lesson from your mom. 🙂


    • I guess it is! Except for the spring or fall. For some reason, I don’t remember the cold as being so bad, but I fairly certain I would change my mind really fast if I were siting in the arctic winter cold right now! 😉


  2. I know what you mean about both humid and dry heat. Phoenix is hell in summer. I can’t stand those high temperatures! But humidity is a different uncomfortable animal. I hate my hair in humidity!!


  3. The first taste of dry heat I got was when I went to Vegas in June a couple years ago. I’m used to hot and humid in Ohio, and I have to admit, it was easier to tolerate 103 degree heat in Las Vegas than it was 90 degree heat in Cleveland. But it still wasn’t too fun!


    • Heat rashes are the worst!

      After I returned to the humidity in Houston, I decided I preferred the dry heat as well. But, I suppose that is likely to change depending on my mood at the time…and the temperature. Either way, I’ve decided just to avoid make-up if it’s over 97 degrees Fahrenheit anywhere!


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