When I don’t know something I think I should know, it makes me nervous. With as much as I like micro-brew/craft beer, I think I should know more about it than I do. So, the internet (mostly wikipedia) and I made this beer info graphic.

I’ve taken to calling it a “beerfographic” out of linguistic laziness. It’s just easier to articulate  BEER-FO-GRAPHIC,  than BEER INFO GRAPHIC. Something about the transition from the “R” sound in the end of “beer” to the “I” in “info graphic” puts me over the articulatory edge…

Anyway, please enjoy this beerfographic of the brewing process to enhance your craft beer knowledge (and/or snobbery)! 🙂



*Disclaimer: The above beerfographic is my novice, artistic interpretation of the beer brewing process, and is meant for entertainment purposes only.  Any misinformation may be blamed on  😉


33 thoughts on “Beerfographic

  1. I love going to beer tastings and getting a tour of their process. they show me and then I forget immediately afterwards. your infographic is awesome and easy to “swallow”!


  2. I’ve just been toying with creating a graph for a post, and boy, I wish I had your graphic design skills. (I have none at all.) Great graphic. I know a guy who brews his own beer, who is almost the spitting image of the bearded person on the right. 🙂

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  3. PS, I just noticed that you’ve changed your tagline on your blog to “Finding the Upside of Being a Nervous Wreck”….I like the black humour – I know it’s not fun feeling like a nervous wreck so I hope you keep finding the upside, or perhaps, seeing the funny side!

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      • If you choose to change it you have my full permission to use that line, and I will take only mere 40% of all the royalties you make over the next 100 years from its use – but I like your choice of the word “upside” just as much – it’s a “funny” word in itself, & makes me think “down”. Upside down, haha!


    • That sounds amazing!! I think a chocolate stout would probably be on the list of one of my favorites 😀 I’m noticing that I tend to like stouts or brown lagers…but then again, I also like the lighter refreshing fruity kind of beers, too. I guess it depends on my mood 😛


  4. This post is completely badass!! Especially that a woman would post about beer!! Being Irish, we are beer lovers so it was utterly awesome looking at your beer-info-graph. 😉 You know, you should hop on over to The Regular Guy NYC & check out some of his posts. Phil is a great guy that posts about Phenomenal food, Great pubs, rest. and tasty beverages; beer being a fav of his. You’d luv his blog!! As for your post, too cool not to share so we’re sharing it now!! 😉 xo


    • Thank you so much Inion N. Mathair! I really appreciate your kind words and willingness to share!! I went to the regular guys blog and started following him. It was great! As is YOURS!! 🙂


    • Hahaa! Thank you so much Regular Guy! I am glad to see that you now know why you end up as one of those guys with the beer buzz… something we have in common…except that I am one of those girls.. 😀

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!


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