Saving the whole a*s

I’ve started, and not finished what feels like around 80, 000  blog posts.  It seems I can never get them quite right. They aren’t funny enough or clever enough, interesting enough, or grammatically correct enough . So, I just refrain from posting anything until I am 98% certain I will not completely embarrass myself, or anyone related to me.

Then, I remembered the reason I started this blog in the first place was to help me get over my excessive over-thinking and perfectionism (despite the fact that I have never actually done anything perfectly).

A wise friend of mine once said “It’s perfectly okay to half- ass some things”, and I think she’s right.  You have to half-ass some things, in order to save the whole ass for other things.  I’ve been trying so hard, lately, to whole-ass everything, that I haven’t been really doing anything!

Here are two things I designed a while ago, but always over-thought what I should say when I posted them, so I never did. Posting them with a title that involves the word “ass” is not exactly the best way to present them, but I since I am embracing doing some things half-a*sed, and this blog is supposed to be about me learning how to let myself be imperfect, I am half-assing this post, and it will have to do for now 😉


Fancy Beatnik Lady inspired by a mural painted outside of Agora Coffeehouse in Houston. Originally created as part of a project for BEAZ Inc.


My wannabe digital cubism lady with a guitar.

35 thoughts on “Saving the whole a*s

  1. One of my favorite quotes is derived from Voltaire: “Perfectionism is the enemy of done.” I need to remind myself of this when I try to “whole-ass” everything, too. (Love that expression, by the way!)

    The pictures are great. 🙂

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    • That is, indeed, a good question, Ankur! I have to agree with you. As a reader, I don’t know if I would be able to decipher a post that was had a**ed or not! I always appreciate your insights, here! Thank you!


    • Thank you for that encouragement, Ben. I also seem to have a problem with procrastination and replying to comments in a timely manner 😛

      I always enjoy your posts and have never felt any of them are half fast, so this comment was especially encouraging for me. I feel like you are one of my biggest supporters, and I definitely don’t want to let you down! 😀


      • I don’t mind. I’ll wait around for you comments. Life gets busy and things happen. You know I’m always hanging around WordPress, like a crazy old bitter man. So whenever you are around, give me a shout.


    • Thank you so much O. Leonard! The scariest part of art is opening yourself up to criticism. I am working on being able to accept that without totally falling apart. Your encouragement and comment “show us more” really means a lot… and, I will! 🙂


  2. Hi! I’m so glad that I discovered that I still can read, like and comment on your blogs – even if I had to take away mine. The start of this blog is so funny and the drawings are great!

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  3. Or you could do what I do and post about absolutely nothing at all but be sure and get your PMS out! (I’m about due.) Amy, these are great! I especially like the first one. But I really like the Picasso-inspired Cubism also! I think together they compliment each other. Anything you post is interesting. You could write about something mundane and trivial and it’d be interesting. :0) Glad to see you posting- always. x

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    • Teeheeheee!! I LOVE your posts! You show such beautiful artwork, but also you show yourself as you really are, and I think that is the strongest most inspiring thing!

      Thank you so much for what you said – “You could write about something mundane and trivial and it’d be interesting”.

      I once read that if you want to be a good writer, go out and do interesting things to write about. I’ve recently realized that I am totally an introvert, and rarely feel like going out and doing interesting things after my job of talking to people all day. HA! I work for a non-profit, and signed a confidentiality agreement, so I feel leery to write about my experiences with that, and my boyfriend (now fiancé) is a fairly private person, so I am also reluctant to write about my experiences with him. That pretty much leaves me with mundane and trivial things! HAHA!. Your comment makes me want to find a way to make those things more interesting 🙂

      THank you!!! xo xo


      • Haha…you are so funny. I love the part at the end about ending up with trivial and mundane things- hehe. Too cute. And yeah, dang. If you sign a confidentiality agreement then that pretty much seals that up, eh? (You could be like Aussa Lorens and make your job place the central focal point. But then, she works in a mental hospital- plenty to write about there.)

        I like that saying (“If you want to write about interesting things, go out and do interesting things”) but I think you have a really interesting past too. When you have the experiences that you have, you have first-hand material that is viable and can help so many people. (Especially the hospital stuff.) It’s a powerful thing to have gone through that stuff and be able to function and just LIVE. It shows people that they can do the same thing. They don’t want to hear it from “professionals” who have been taught about other peoples’ thoughts and feelings in college. They want to hear it from people like you and me who have walked the walk. ;0) THEN it’s powerful, and not just helpful.

        Anywho, I’m just stalling really, I have a 10 page experimental psychology report due by midnight (with all of the sections including abstract, methods, result, literature review, figures- everything. UGH.) and haven’t revised anything at all yet. I better get started on that! Heh… Hope you have a great day! x

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        • Yeeee! Thank you for the amazingly kind things you always say. I have to let you know that I have gone back and re-read some of your comments, again, when I’ve felt discouraged. Haha. You’ve helped me tremendously. Thank you!!

          I am sending you A+ vibes for your paper, although I know you don’t much need them 😉


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