The Mysteriously Missing Coffee Mug

We recently got one of those Keurig coffee things at work. So, rather than bringing my usual sock water coffee from home (that I always end up spilling all over myself in transit), I decided to bring my own mug so I can have a nice fresh cup of coffee brewed just for me. I got a little lazy about my mug though. I washed it and left it at work so I could use it again the next day.  My new coffee drinking life was moving along swimmingly. My clean mug was waiting for me when I got to work. Until one day, it wasn’t.

I got to work, and I couldn’t find my mug anywhere.  To add to that, there weren’t any other mugs or cups or anything that could feasibly be used as a beverage container anywhere in sight. At that point, something funny happened to my body.


This picture is recycled from a previous post, because it seems that more than one thing causes horns to sprout from my forehead.


Fire shot from my eyeballs, and devil horns began to sprout from my forehead. Despite my newfound, devil fire powers, I still had no mug.

So, the next day, I brought a different mug. Once I had my coffee, my devil horns turned into a halo.


I felt like I looked better, too.


I trusted that my mug would be safe in the office kitchen, and I may even find the other one. All was right with the world. For about 2 weeks. Until it wasn’t. I got to work to find my mug was missing again.

This time, I brought my devil horns and fire-shooting eyeballs home.  I told the husband about the missing mugs, and he proposed a sticky note solution:


I was just going to put my name on it

For just a moment, I was tempted to try this, even though I don’t have gonorrhea. But then, I started to wonder, what exactly is the husband suggesting people might do with coffee mugs anyway? From what I understand, anything below the belt is against the rules…even if you have devil horns.

28 thoughts on “The Mysteriously Missing Coffee Mug

    • Hahaa! Me too. Well, lately, I’ve been working in the evenings until midnight, but I’m normally a morning person. I’ve noticed I can’t function at work in the evenings unless I have mega caffeine 😀


  1. Oh, the noive! Why would someone pilfer someone else’s mug? Don’t they know how attached we get to them?

    I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea, and I have a couple mugs at home I declare to be mine and mine alone. Hmm, I wonder why my family calls me Sheldon…

    Love your hub’s idea, but yes, it is a little creepy. 😉

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  2. lol…at first maybe I though someone like the mug and just took it home with them. But all the mugs and cups…maybe someone knows what you are like when you don’t have your coffee and played some games with you. Not sure of the dynamics of your office, but just trying to solve the mystery. People at my work are worse, they take you damn food out the fridge, don’t dare leave any kind of cake in there…gosh vultures…sorry, got me ranting.

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    • HAhaa!! To the credit of the people I work with, it probably really is MY fault. I didn’t put my name on it, so whoever used it probably didn’t know it was mine 😛 Also, I work for a non-profit, and we have volunteers coming and going all the time. I really should have known better 😛

      I have learned from this experience, and will NOT leave any newborn babies laying around, that’s for sure! 😀

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  3. Hahaha…that first pic is so freaking funny. I just stared at it and laughed (for a while). TOO funny. And WTF, right? Why do people- “professionals” have to resort to stealing coworker mugs?! I mean, I get it. The person’s like, “I’m totally only going to borrow it for a minute. I’ll be sure to return it afterwards.” And then “life happens”- time goes by and “oops”. I get it. But then that makes it theft. Or, perhaps the person really IS a douche and decided to just “take it regardless- permanently.”

    Either way, that makes them a douche just the same. So yeah. WTF?!

    Below the belt- schmelow the schmelt- I’d be popping somebody upside the head.

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    • I think you hit the nail RIGHT on the head! Someone probably just borrowed it for a minute, then life happened.

      To the mug snatcher’s credit, I really should have just put my name on it to stake my claim (or put the gonorrhea sign on it, ha!) I wonder if that makes me just as equally douche-y? AHHHH!! ;D


      • No, it doesn’t! I think you should have totally gonorrhea’d it up though. (I would’ve been tempted to have left some soup in there- like potato cheese chowder or something irrisistible, and then pull a Jim Carrey and lace it with laxatives. It would totally serve them right!)


  4. Maybe you need to put up “Missing” posters with a picture of your mug. monochromejunkie may be right – it’s sitting on someone’s desk, feeling neglected.

    Just to be safe, I’d fit your new mug with a car alarm – don’t they make these for coffee mugs??

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  5. LOL. That wouldn’t work where I’m employed. But I work in a reproductive health clinic. Someone would probably just tape one of our testing tuesday cards to the mug. “Did you know about our after hours, walk-in STD clinic?!”

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    • HAhaha! That is awesome. The environment changes everything! 😉 I love the thought of the mug morphing into a hub for health communication based on one persons need to stake it’s claim. 😀


    • That is a good question. I believe that mug would be of no threat to someone who already has gonorrhea. This “protect the mug with gonorrhea” plan may need some revision. 😉


  6. I have to lock my coffee cup up in my drawer because other people use the area that I work in when I”m not there, and take things from my desk and/or leave their junk on my desk all the time. It feels ridiculous but if I didn’t, I know I’d be in your situation: desperate. (I did also strategically bring in the daggiest mug I could find – but I don’t think that would actually stop anyone from stealing it.)


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