More Faces

I started this post quite some time ago but delayed publishing it because that’s what I do – I set lofty goals for myself, and then I procrastinate.

A while ago, I set a goal to draw at least one face per day. I haven’t exactly fulfilled that goal to a tee, but I HAVE been drawing SOMETHING each day so, that must count as some form of improvement (I hope).

My mom challenged me to draw a face without using a picture. Just something from my mind. So, I’ve been working on it!



This one was not from my mind.


Drawing of Grandma Larson

A drawing of my grandma …before she became my grandma πŸ™‚ This was also not from my mind.Β 


Watercolor portrait

This one did not have a photo reference…and if it did, It would probably look like a photo of an alien being.









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