How to get people (other than your mom) to comment on your blog

 I’m new to this blogging thing, but I feel pretty lucky to have a loyal follower already.  My mom has commented on every single thing I’ve posted since I started this bloggy business. Yay for my mom!  But then, a sneaky little doubt parade started in my head. Do other (adult female) bloggers get regular comments (and grammatical corrections) from their moms? Do other bloggers get comments ONLY from their moms?  Oh crap! Is this something I, as an adult female, should be concerned about?  Shouldn’t I be getting thousands of comments from all sorts of people…like  presidential contenders, up and coming hipsters, and Lady GaGa?

So, I decided to find out how to get more comments on my blog…from people other than my mom. Not that I don’t like having comments from my mom, because I totally LOVE it…ahem…I mean…it’s cool. B-)

The obvious first step as a wordpress blogger, was to click on the link to the article “How to get more comments” on the back end of the wordpress site. Here, I learned that people blog for different reasons, but many in hopes of getting feedback from readers.  Yes! That’s me! I want feedback! Who cares if its only because I want to gain positive attention and approval from external sources (since the internal mechanism that currently gives me all of that stuff from “within” is broken).


So, to get more feedback, get more TRAFFIC!  The “How to get more comments” article suggested a few things to help get traffic going… I made up an acronym —> PLS.  Post. Link. Share.

  • Post – post content on your blog regularly
  • Link –  link to other blogs
  • Share – Share  with your family and friends,on facebook, twitter, and any other social media platforms

Okay, Check! Got it. The article also suggests to shamelessly ask family and friends to comment (it didn’t really say “SHAMELESSLY” , but that’s what I did…and my mom commented 🙂 *actually, lots of other friends and family did, too. Thank you!

There are tons of other suggestions out there, as well. Check out this nifty lil’ formula from


For me, it seems to be:  TRAFFIC + ENGAGEMENT + TONS OF COMMENTS = EMOTION <——the jump up and down, pee a little, happy kind of emotion.


Well, what presidential contender, swanky hipster, or Lady GaGa wouldn’t want to read the technological, and any other (mis)adventures of a clumsy, insecure pubescent girl stuck inside the body of a human adult female?  Seriously, people. This stuff is the new black!  Dammit. 😀 But, if that doesn’t work, I could try engaging the audience by asking an easy to answer question like: How have you increased comments on your blog? or What’s your favorite color?


“Tell a tear jerker”. Uhhhh…..what…..uhhh…How can I possibly do that? I don’t have emotions….especially not if I’m watching one of those Hallmark Christmas movies about an 8 year old orphan girl who finds out she has cancer right after her dog dies…and then the whole town rallies together in the Christmas spirit to show her they love her, and all of a sudden, through the magic of Christmas, everyone cares about everyone else, and they all get along…(sniff)…and get her a new puppy so she doesn’t have to go through chemo alone. Pffft. That stuff doesn’t make me cry at all.

Okay, so if stuff doesn’t work, its Operation: Resort to Bribery…all the way!

P.S. Still like comments from my mom…just sayin’.

17 thoughts on “How to get people (other than your mom) to comment on your blog

  1. I think I saw that Hallmark movie last year . . . Actually, after we watched a movie my sister chose entitled The Christmas Shoes, we revoked her movie selection rights. There’s only so much Prosac one family can ingest 🙂


    • Hahaa! So true. No amount of prozac could keep me from losing it while watching those Hallmark movies! I’ll have to steer clear of The Christmas Shoes this year. Thanks for the warning! 😀


  2. Whoa! It worked! Someone actually commented before me! I really think you could write for Saturday Night Live or Ellen. Of course, I am a bit prejudiced. Still don’t like the “D” word, but I can sure live with that better than the”F” word!! 🙂


  3. I just offer my readers a free cookie for every comment. It works out great for me because I got a local cookie company to donate the cookies in return for mentioning them on the blog. You should try it… 😀


  4. LOL I can’t use my friends and family to comment. I don’t speak to my mom and my friends don’t really kknow about my gives me more freedom that way. I just try and write things that I find interesting and hope that others will find it interesting too.


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